Urbanscape specialises in rich and exclusive collections of high premium architectural products and solutions for open spaces urbanisation.

We employ the best of European products and solutions to rejuvenate existing open spaces. We work with both indoor and outdoor, providing high architectural solutions to include premium lighting, modular planters, decorative fixtures and furnishing and porcelain stoneware.



With a vast library of finishes and textures, Ecosurface brings you the finest surfaces from world-renowned porcelain manufacturers: metal effect, wood effect, concrete effect, natural stones effect and many more. Suitable for a wide range of applications to include: exterior facade cladding; interior wall and ceiling covering; and landscaping decorative fixtures.


Ecosurface specialises in a wide range of porcelain surface covering solutions for indoor and outdoor applications - suitable for architectural, landscaping and urbanising projects

High Architectural & Premium Decorative Fixture and Furnishing Solutions for private residences, commercial and public grounds.


Ecodecor focuses on a rich range of specialised spatial decorative solutions and products to include: illuminated plastic modern furnishing, modular planting systems and associated garden furniture and urban furnishing.



Ecoshade focuses on delivering first-class solutions for outdoor shading to include automatic and manual systems with full and half enclosure styles. We employ the best engineering and technology to deliver stylish yet exceptional functional systems.


Ecoshade focuses on modern and contemporary shading devices, delivering exceptional stylish systems with latest technology fully integrated.


Ecolight specialises in high architectural outdoor lighting solutions and products for residential, commercial and public projects. Our engineers and specialists at Ecolight also provide full lighting design services.


We take great pride in delivering the first-class lighting engineering, design services and products to our clients.

Natural Thermo-Wood and Engineered Wood for high architectural and interior applications


Ecodeck specialises in innovative and smart timber decking, cladding and covering systems for a wide range of indoor, outdoor and exterior applications


Urbanscape Ltd delivers the best of European products to provide our clients rich collections of exceptional engineered and designed solutions.

Ecolight specialises in outdoor high architectural lighting solutions. Ecodecor delivers premium open spaces decorative furnishing solutions; outdoor seatings for private, commercial and public grounds; bespoke and custom made outdoor planting solutions. Ecosurface specialises in a wide range of indoor and outdoor surfacing solutions ranging from facade cladding to furnishing covering. Ecodeck specialises in innovative and smart timber decking, cladding and covering systems. Explore our products range to discover more.